Social 101 for #mssocial101

Hello from Jackson!  I am in Mississippi today, speaking to the fine tourism folks at the Mississippi Office of Tourism Marketing Caucus. Today’s topic, social media marketing for destinations.

How to start, what to focus on, how to build a solid strategy and what to do about Foursquare.

For those in our session today, thank you for the warm reception and all of the great questions. You will find the full presentation and some related links below.

For those of you not in Mississippi today, come see Travel 2.0 at Canada-e-Connect, the Montana Governor’s Conference on Tourism and the Michigan Governor’s Conference on Tourism.  Or, book Troy for you upcoming meeting, convention or Hawaiian corporate retreat.

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A big thank you to Sandy, Lisa, Daniel as well as the entire MDA staff for hosting the session.

From what I observed today, the tourism industry in Mississippi is taking the right approach to social media marketing.  And it was a pleasure to add a few tips and thoughts to the conversation.

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