Why Your Social Campaign Needs a Sign

Why Your Social Campaign Needs a Sign

How should we use Pinterest?  What about Instagram?  Is Flickr still necessary?

Social photography, one of the more popular questions I receive from peers, conference attendees and Twitter friends.  All searching for the secrets to get their photos pinned, tagged or tweeted.

For most, the strategy starts online in an attempt to influence the masses with a branded profile and beautiful photography.  But should it?  If consumers are already sharing photos of the Golden Gate Bridge, how would a few more from San Francisco Travel add to the visual conversation?

Instead of starting online, how about starting offline.  With a really big sign.

On a recent road trip, a quick stop at the Utah Welcome Center highlighted the tourist’s insatiable need to take photos of oneself, preferably with a sign designating the location in the background.

But rather than stop roadside along I70, the clever folks at the Utah Office of Tourism set up a replica Welcome to Utah sign just outside the visitor center door.

The result?  A line of 4 families waiting to take their photo next to the over-sized letters of Utah.

And surely this photo confirming family location will appear in a Facebook feed or Instagram stream.

If you want tourists to share photos of your destination, then give them something worthy to share.

And what better way to track the ROI of a photograph than making the subject a giant version of your logo?  Just like our friends at the Amsterdam Tourism & Convention Board (7,454 results on Flickr alone!).  Or the recently (and unfortunately) removed California sign from Disneyland.  And the famous Welcome to Golden sign.

People love taking and sharing photos, even without encouragement from your brand.  What they could really use is a great backdrop for that photo.

Build them a sign and let the social sharing begin.

Just make sure to keep it clean.

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