Social Media Is Not Advertising

Facebook ads and promoted tweets aside, I have an issue describing social media as a form of advertising.

Oh sure, you can plug and promote your pointless products across a spectrum of social sites. But calling social media ‘advertising’ is an injustice to the medium, an oversimplification of far too many quasi-community sites and likely the root of your frustration with your current social campaign.

Consumers do not react well, or at all, to the classic interruption style of mass marketing when confronted in the cozy confines of social media.

Nor did they ask for you to be there.

Hell, most of us have become experts at dodging our mothers on Facebook, let alone brands, and I actually like my mother.

Yet tourism marketers consider, group and think of social media as an extension of their advertising campaign. Inadvertently creating undue pressure on what is more likely an extension of your communication and / or customer service initiatives.

Is social media purely communication? Or uniquely customer service?

Certainly not.

And I am not sure we can or need to successfully categorize the medium at this point.

Just don’t call it advertising.

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