Stop Creating Questions and Start Creating Answers

How many people downloaded the app?

Do visitors bring the guide with them?

How are you measuring success?

Are consumers sharing the content?

You create a lot of questions when developing marketing programs.

Apps, guides, websites, content, social, campaigns.

Often, these questions pull down an otherwise successful outreach opportunity into an abyss of speculation and confusion. It is an unintentional result, but one that you have surely experienced.

One that occurs because you created more questions than answers.

Rather than consider the viability of your destination’s marketing in terms of views, volume and awareness, start by addressing the answers that could be achieved.

Answers which hold value. For your organization and your partners.

What if your mobile app could identify the most common physical locations of tourists looking for information?

Would you put a visitor center nearby?

What if your itinerary builder captured data on likely road trips from a major metro area to smaller locales?

Could you begin a partnership program between those destinations?

What if your outdoor campaign provided free WiFi and the ability to identify influenced visitors?

Could you close the loop on determining ROI?

What if your social campaign really was an experiment in determining best practices?

Would you take that knowledge back to your partners via an educational workshop?

What would happen if you stopped creating more questions and started creating more answers?

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