Talk, Debate, Yell at your Peers on LinkedIn

Those readers who have been with the Travel 2.0 blog for awhile should be aware of our Travel 2.0 networking group on LinkedIn.  Well, thanks to some much needed improvements to the Groups feature, members of the Travel 2.0 group can now actually have discussions with other members!

I know, what an idea!

Because not all of our members read the Travel 2.0 blog or email regularly, we will be taking advantage of the Travel 2.0 networking group and the discussion feature to continue our popular, but under discussed feature, ‘State of the Industry Conversations.’

Pretty simple, we post a question, you answer.  And with more than 2500+ group members on LinkedIn, we should get a wide variety of answers.

So, our first question:

With the current state of the U.S. economy, are you seeing a slow down in requests for materials (i.e., visitor guides, brochures, etc.), web visitation and / or bookings and what are you doing to counteract this trend?

How do you participate?

Visit the group on LinkedIn, apply for membership and start commenting…or post your comment here on the Travel 2.0 blog.

One final note, feel free to begin other discussions via the LinkedIn group, no need to wait for us to ask your question, if you have one, ask it  (and let us know, we will make sure to mention the good ones on the blog).

And just to ensure the relevance and usefulness of the discussion feature on LinkedIn, we will be monitoring and removing (permanently) any members who are spamming or shopping for business.  We welcome your opinions, but don’t try to give us the sales pitch.

Thanks for all of the support, hope you enjoy the new feature.


Comment? @travel2dot0 or email.