Thank You To Our Readers

Every once and a while, Mo and I feel like you, the reader, is entitled to an update about the Travel 2.0 blog. How many people are reading it, who else is listening to our crazy demands, etc, etc. Not to mention offer a huge thank you to everyone who does read the blog.

So, here are the numbers:

616 readers of the Travel 2.0 blog.
524 read via email.
92 via RSS.

An average of 250 readers are considered ‘daily’ or as we like to say, ‘obsessed’ readers.

Plus, we have 1,802 members in the Travel 2.0 Group on LinkedIn.

Not too bad if we don’t say so ourselves.

So, to all 616 of you, thanks for reading. Mo and I amazed and humbled on a daily basis by the following of the Travel 2.0 blog.

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