Thankful for Tourism

The Eiffel Tower...

I consider myself lucky.

Lucky for a million personal reasons, and for just as many professional reasons.

Working in tourism is, frankly, fun.



And, at times, sure, frustrating.

But the vast majority of the time, working in travel and tourism is inspiring.

As you go through your regular work week, whether you are directly helping a traveler, or just sitting behind a desk making the machine run, take a moment to reflect upon the opportunity you have.

Many of us have a dream job.

Professional athlete, sure.

Movie star, for some.

Magician, probably not many.

But so many of our peers, friends and family dream of a job that allows them to travel the world (reality of travel notwithstanding), or at the very least, work in travel.

For so many travel is a dream.  An event that should be aspired to.  A one-in-a-lifetime journey to a faraway land.

People think about it constantly, keep journals about dream destinations and save for years to experience a single trip.

For many a bucket list is filled with journeys, not items.

And the idea of traveling as a career is, for many, the perfect combination of fantasy and reality.

Make no mistake, working in tourism is still work.  Hard work in most cases.  But it is work that others dream about.

And it is work that I, and others, passionately enjoy.

I consider myself lucky.

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