The Best of 2011

Blogs? Where we're going we don't need blogs.

As many of us whisk away this week between Christmas and New Year’s, whether your procrastination vehicle of choice is Words with Friends or cleaning out your office from a long year, it seems appropriate to provide our loyal readers with a look back at 2011.

Consider this a distraction from your distractions.

The good, the bad and the retweets.

Our list of the best of Travel 2.0 for 2011.

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  2. How Destinations Use Twitter
  3. How Airlines Use Twitter
  4. Why Destinations Still Don’t Get Social Media
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Most Commented Stories

  1. Why Destinations Still Don’t Get Social Media
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Stories We Wish Were More Popular

  1. How To: Evaluate and Select Bloggers
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  3. Building A Great Brainstorm
  4. You Can’t Fake Service
  5. The Anti-Social, Social Campaign

Most Tweeted Story

How Destinations Use Twitter (189 Total Tweets)

Prolific Retweeter of the Year

Tobias / @tolentinotur


Prolific Commenter of the Year

Joe Buhler / JEBworks


Story of the Year*

Why Destinations Still Don’t Get Social Media

*As voted upon by me.

As we move into 2012, we are so grateful for our readers, followers and friends of the Travel 2.0 blog.

It never ceases to amaze us how many people take the time to read, comment on and share our work.  It is always greatly appreciated.

Finally, a huge thanks to our guest writers in 2011: Mo, Jules, JimCharyn and Sheila.  Your perspective was a welcome addition, thank you.

Thanks for a great 2011, and here is to a prosperous 2012 for us all.

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