The Great Travel Site Showdown Returns with Groups 6, 7 & 8

You have one unscheduled ER visit for a quick appendectomy or, as I am thinking about it, my new diet, and the entire Travel Site Showdown quickly gets out of hand.

No worries on the ER visit, everything went well.

Anyway, onto to the showdown.

In Group 4, Florida outlasted Tennessee by a slim margin…recounts are still underway…in what was a true, two-state showdown for the group. A huge performance by both states, which sets the vote tally bar pretty high. However, don’t overlook Delaware and Maryland, two states who were lost in the shuffle of this group, but who have pretty solid sites.

Group 5 produced what many would consider our first upset of the showdown as Iowa beat Puerto Rico and Pennsylvania. Nice showing Iowa.

Since we have fallen a bit behind, we will start voting for Groups 6, 7 & 8 today, with voting concluding next Tuesday.

Group 6
21. Vermont
22. South Carolina
23. Georgia
24. Michigan

Group 7
25. Utah
26. Oklahoma
27. Kentucky
28. Montana

Group 8
29. Indiana
30. Arkansas
31. Kansas
32. Ohio

Good luck all.

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