This Week in Travel Tech

What we are reading at Travel 2.0.

This week: oil spills and social, airline logos, Google Map illustrations, Yahoo!, Facebook and, yes, the iPad.

Visit Florida tourism board uses Google Maps and Twitter feeds to cleanse oil-spill fears – Tnooz
Emergency perception management, done right by our peers at Miles Media and Visit Florida.

Birds of a feather flock together – Love Design Love
A look at what makes a great airline logo…a circle + a stylized bird = success.

My Way – New York Times
Illustrations from Christoph Niemann using Google Maps to provide a social road map.  Brilliant.

What Is Yahoo Thinking? – TechCrunch
We agree, the purchase of Associated Content feels more like a desperate attempt to grab more eyeballs than a synergy of online sites.

The Evolution of Privacy on Facebook –
A graphic, and frankly scary, representation of where your Facebook privacy rights have gone.

Four reasons why the iPad isn’t worth the money – The New Republic
I still want one.

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