Tnooz. Odd name, brilliant site.

Get it? Nooz instead of news.

Get it? Nooz instead of news.

A few weeks ago a good friend and colleague of mine, Kevin May (formerly of Travolution) sent yours truly an odd and cryptic little email in reference to a new venture.  Never missing an opportunity to tell a Gunners fan that Liverpool is four places above them in the table (sorry American readers, football talk), I gladly accepted.  After a fantastic conversation, I gratefully agreed to join the writing / contribution team at Tnooz.

Before we get too far into a conversation about Tnooz, let’s cover what this means for Travel 2.0 and my day job.  Essentially, nothing.  Still writing and editing  for Travel 2.0.  Still working days at VISIT DENVER.  The only difference is that a few stories will appear exclusively on Tnooz before being posted on Travel 2.0.

Honestly, it is a great opportunity to tell a global audience what to do.

As for the team at Tnooz, it is quite a collaboration of some of the most thoughtful and experimental minds in our industry today.

  • Alex Bainbridge
  • Charlie Li
  • Claude Bénard
  • Dennis Schaal
  • Frederic Lalonde
  • Jeremy Head
  • Kevin May
  • Siew Hoon Yeoh
  • Stephan Ekbergh
  • Stephen Joyce
  • Tim Hughes
  • Troy Thompson

Needless to say, I am honored to be included in such an esteemed group.

So, update your bookmarks, subscribe to another RSS feed to your reader and friend another tweeter on Twitter…add Tnooz to your list of must read travel and tourism websites.

Oh, and be sure to read my first post: How the Travel Industry Will Save the World.  A call for everyone in the travel industry to address climate change.

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