The Travel 2.0 Job List

The Travel 2.0 universe keeps getting bigger.

We are happy and proud to introduce a new section on the blog, the Travel 2.0 Job List.

As you would expect, the job list is just that…a job list, with a few important exceptions.  But before we get into the what, a little on the why.

We started the Travel 2.0 Job List because of our own frustration in finding talented employees, in the travel / tourism industry, with a solid understanding of interactive marketing and new media.  Sure, there are hundreds of job sites, lists and blogs, but few with a focus specifically on technology in the tourism space.

And when we say technology, we mean a wide variety of ‘new,’ ‘2.0,’ and ‘interactive’ jobs and careers.  No offense to our brethren in, for example, the travel agency vertical, but we are focusing on jobs that require more than just Microsoft Office skills.

Eventually, we plan on charging job posters a small fee to cover some of our costs, but for now…actually the entire month of April…job posting on the site is free.  And easy.

Sign in, copy and paste your info, submit and done.

Plus, when you post on the Travel 2.0 Job List, your job is included in weekly email to the entire Travel 2.0 Blog audience.  Don’t worry readers, no spam, just a simple email.

In fact, let’s take a look at some active jobs on the list:

Director of Interactive Marketing
simpleview, inc.
Tucson, AZ

Manager, Digital Strategy and Execution
Westin / Sheraton Hotels
White Plains, NY

Sr. Digital Strategist – Media Manager
Royal Caribbean Cruises (Celebrity Cruises)
Miami, FL

That about covers it.  The site is currently in ‘beta’ so we appreciate any feedback.

Good luck on future job searches.

Comment? @travel2dot0 or email.