Travel 2.0 Year in Review. Or, How to Pass Time While at Work

Ah, the holidays, what a great time of the year.  Unfortunately, some of you are still at work this week.  I mean, the rest of us appreciate it, but how do you spend your seemingly endless minutes until New Year’s?  Well, if you are like us, the few days between Christmas and New Year’s provide a great chance to catch up on blog posts, your RSS collection or that stack of industry magazines in the corner of your office.

With that in mind, we thought some reading material was in order.

Here are some of our favorite, most popular and educational posts from the Travel 2.0 blog during 2008:

That is just a handful of our favorites, but we had to stop somewhere.

And just to balance out our narcissism for ourselves, we also found some of our favorite posts of 2008 from some of our favorite bloggers:

There you go, the best of 2008…in our humble opinion.  Plus, plenty of reading material for the next few days.  Hey, while you are at it, why not start exploring Twitter or Flickr, you have the time.

Have an addition to our list?  Really liked a blog post…either one of ours or another blogger? Let us know in the comments section.

Have a happy and safe New Year all.

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