Travel Tech Trends for 2011

Tom Hanks wants to be big.

Before heading out on a well deserved winter break, we need to pay homage to a year-end tradition…identifying trends for 2011.

And while 2011 may finally be the year of mobile, we have a couple of teaser trends to hold you over until January. The trends below were part of our ongoing contribution on Tnooz, where you can view the entire trend list from the Tnooz team.

Smarter Travel
Travel becomes smarter. Not necessarily the traveling public, but the devices and systems that are in place as we travel. Starting with the mobile device, which does have more functions than texting and Facebook, applications and developments such as mobile boarding passes, real-time flight status updates and RFID become increasingly utilized by more organizations (British Airways, goHow Airport, etc.) and in-turn more travelers.

Tablets (the iPad) find their place, becoming the PalmPilot of 1999…an indispensable travel companion with more knowledge than any Rhodes scholar, plus a good deal of time-wasting possibilities.

In the end, whether small or slightly larger, the opportunity and value to possess an endless supply of information and tools in one’s pocket will become clear to most travelers as we close out 2011.

Directly influenced by social media, ‘friendformation’ will be a developing trend in 2011. The premise being that consumers will look to information from social connections while planning and experiencing travel. This could take the form of reviews on a site such as TripAdvisor or dynamic content fed by a service like Facebook Connect.

While both exist in the present day, the key will be the interconnectivity of this information and availability to the social friend. Basically, we are going to keep sharing more stuff. Regardless of medium, the knowledge and resources available to the consumer, from their friends, will continue to grow with each click of the accept or like button.

Side prediction: Word of the Year for 2011…friendformation.

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