Travel Trends – BA Ads, Hispanics Online

New BA Ad Campaign – You can’t say they are not trying.  Despite a very well publicized grand opening disaster, British Airways is determined to make the world fall in love with Terminal 5 at Heathrow.  Our friends at Travolution have a great post on the new ad campaign, in which photos from the terminal are taken the day before the ad is run:

The campaign will capture images from travellers as they pass through the airport together with messages about how well certain elements of the airport are working, from the baggage handling to security to efficiency of flight arrivals…The most interesting aspect of the campaign is that the artwork for the ads will apparently be produced on the morning of publication/broadcast and therefore adding a real-time element to the proceedings.

Yes, yes, now if they could only make the baggage handling so efficient.  Still, an ambitious campaign and one that we love.

Hispanics Go Online – A quick article from Adweek on the increase of Hispanics on the internet.

Fifty-two percent of the population is now online, representing 23 million users, according to a new report by eMarketer, which two years ago predicted that the Hispanic Web population wouldn’t exceed 20 million until the end of the decade. … Now, the Web researcher forecasts that 29 million Hispanics will be online by 2012, representing nearly 60 percent of the fast growing population.

Perhaps we need more than just that single page of Spanish content on the site.

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