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Blogging Becomes Mainstream – Typically when I present or talk about any social media related site or app, the ubiquitous question, comment or joke is always ‘who has the time for (insert social media brand name here)’?  Are they just high school drop-outs with no job and a computer sitting at Starbucks all day?

Alas, this is a common misrepresentation of the social media user, typically applied by someone who is not an active participant in the social media space.  ‘I don’t have a Facebook page, it does not relate to me, so this would not relate to our audience.’

Many of you are nodding your head and agreeing with your computer right now.

However, thanks to a new report from Decipher and sponsored by our friends at Technorati, at least in terms of blogging, these misrepresentations can officially be rejected.

According to the article and chart from eMarketer, blogging is becoming mainstream.

“Blogs are now mainstream media,” said Richard Jalichandra, CEO of Technorati, in an interview with eMarketer. “We’ve certainly seen that with the number of professional, semiprofessional and passion/enthusiast bloggers who are creating real media experiences. At the same time, you’re also seeing mainstream media come the other direction to add blog content.”

Take a look at the chart above.  74% of bloggers are college grads, 56% are employed full-time, 51% have a HHI of $75k+.  Not exactly a high school drop-out.  And it should be noted that a solid percentage of the respondents are still in college, meaning that they would not be employed full-time or enjoying a $75k salary just yet.

Bloggers are educated, passionate individuals with the social power and desire to influence, speak to and engage with others.

And sometimes they blog from a Starbucks.

Where Moms are Online – Another quick chart from eMarketer, where moms are online.  Pay close attention to the ‘email,’ ‘playing games’ (who knew?), and ‘travel planning’ percentages.

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