Travel Trends – Email Benchmarks, Twitter Rankings

Email Benchmarks – Everyone loves stats and benchmarks, and the “Q1 2009 Email Trends and Benchmarks” report by Epsilon does not disappoint.  The report covers a wide range of industries, but for our purposes skip to the bottom of the charts and pay close attention to the ‘Travel/hospitality’ industry numbers.

Solid numbers to benchmark your current email campaign:

Twitter Rankings – We would be remiss not to mention the latest official/unofficial tourism industry Twitter rankings from GoSeeTell.  At the top of the board were the usual suspects: @VisitChicago, @BaltimoreMD, @TravelPortland and @ColumbiaSC.

A quick recommendation here.  If you are starting a Twitter campaign, tweet or DM our peers at any one of these CVBs / DMOs and ask them how they are managing their campaign.  Clearly, something is resonating with the 8000+ followers of @TravelPortland and I am sure that Tressia (sorry to put you on the spot Tressia) would be happy to share some (not all!) of their secrets to success.

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