Travel Trends – Everywhere Magazine

Everywhere Magazine – I have been waiting patiently to write a post about the new travel magazine ‘Everywhere’ until my first (trial) issued arrived, and guess what showed up in my mailbox yesterday?

Everywhere, from 8020 Publishing (who also publish JPG), takes online user-submitted content and packages it in a ‘beautiful printed magazine that is distributed internationally.’ A bit of a process reversal, but still an intriguing concept. As far as the magazine itself, it is put together very well with a professional yet ‘hip’ feeling about it (ugh, I can’t believe I said ‘hip’). The articles and columns are interesting and certainly not what you would expect in a typical ‘send everyone to Paris’ travel magazine. Plus, an impressive lineup of advertisers (not sure of the commitment) give the publication some instant credibility. I would encourage you to visit the site, take a look around and order a trial issue.

It will be interesting to watch the progress of Everywhere, could this be a new trend in print publishing or just a flash in the pan? And, from a DMO perspective, if this is a larger trend should we begin thinking about how we can incorporate user-generate content in our printed pieces as well as our websites?

Ah, more questions. And more reasons to keep reading the Travel 2.0 blog.

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