Travel Trends – Foursquare Layers, NCL Social, iPad Kiosks

Foursquare Goes Deeper with Location LayersAs reported by the team at ReadWriteWeb, this year’s social darling has launched an additional set of features that will allow users to see the world as recommended by their favorite organization, brand or group.  Imagine the service like this, if you friend, say, the San Francisco CVB, you would receive alerts with unique tips from the CVB, based upon location.

A trip / check-in at the wharf could bring up a tip from the CVB that restaurant X has the best crab cakes or the history of the wharf or even a coupon.  The opportunities are seemly endless.  Foursquare or not, geosocial networking is growing rapidly.

Norwegian Cruise Lines Rides the Social Wave – With launch of the new Norwegian Epic, NCL is trying to follow a similar social / viral / PR launch strategy as Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas.  The launch of Oasis was, by most accounts, a social media marketing success.  But does a Facebook account, Flickr photos and a few tweets build a new cruise audience or simply please the long-time, already existing cruisers?

Malaysia Airlines Sets Up iPad Kiosks – Oh iPad, is there anything you cannot replace?  Malaysia Airlines is hoping that the traditional kiosk is next on the list.   Launched earlier this month, the iPad kiosks allow for many of the same functions as a traditional or ‘stone age’ airline kiosk, but with a decidedly hip presentation.  Maintenance, life span and security of the devices…never seen anyone try to take a Southwest kiosk with them…is still to be determined, but you cannot deny the wow factor and PR impact of anything / everything iPad.

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