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Your Audience Wants To See You on Twitter – First, thanks to Martin (@coldinpdx) for spotting this story.  Some interesting stats from a recent survey on corporations, social media and the public’s expectations.

According to the 2008 Cone Business in Social Media Study, 93 percent of Americans believe a company should have a presence in social media, while an overwhelming 85 percent believe a company should not only be present, but also interact with its consumers via social media. In fact, 56 percent of American consumers feel both a stronger connection with and better served by companies when they can interact with them in a social media environment.

The online survey was conducted September 11-12, 2008, by Opinion Research Corporation, among 1,092 adults comprising 525 men and 567 women 18 years of age and older.

Those are some pretty big numbers.  Let’s say the sample was incorrect and split the numbers in half…just for the sake of argument.  Honestly, who can’t put out survey data these days?  Anyway, even if you cut those numbers in half, 45% (from 93%) is still huge.

I was thinking about this the other day…a lot of companies and organizations are just not set up to handle this much social networking.  It has always been a ‘push’ relationship with the consumer.  We tell you what to do and where (push) and you do it.  But now, with the advances in technology we are quickly experiencing a change from a push relationship to a conversational relationship.  And many of us are just not set up for that.  So, we called it a fad and kept on doing what we were doing.  But numbers and surveys like that should make you pause and reflect on whether the time has come to shift your relationship with the consumer.

Travel 2.0 making an impact with travelers who count – Ah more numbers and surveys.  This one, although woefully inaccurate when attempting to define what makes a travel site ‘2.0,’ is another statement on the adoption and value the consumer places on UGC and social media.

According to a just September 2008 released study by Prophis eResearch, an estimated 19 million online Americans have visited one of the top ten travel 2.0 traveler community based sites such as TripAdvisor in the past 12 months.

Survey findings obtained in August 2008 from US online consumers shows that 50% online travelers see internet traveler reviews and ratings – the core unique component of so-called travel 2.0 based sites – as an important component in making decisions about personal travel.

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