Travel Trends – MetaGoogle, iPad for Travel, TripWow

MetaGoogle -It has been hard to ignore the talk of a possible Google takeover that would shake up the online travel industry.  Dusty plumes of stories have been spread across the blogosphere like volcanic ash falling on an unsuspecting continent.

For those of you who have managed to avoid the story of the week, the summary is this:  Google is reportedly in talks to purchase ITA Software.  Google, as you know, is a pretty large search engine with an impressive footprint in the travel planning process.  ITA Software, is the company behind search applications for airlines, meta-search sites (Kayak) and OTAs.

In very basic terms, when you search for travel components…primarily airfares…on Orbitz, Kayak or Bing Travel…you are using the ITA Software system.  Or, if this deal happens, the Google system.

For a company that has openly stated a desire to handle all of the world’s information, the inclusion of a major travel component quickly places Google higher on the travel planning mountain they already sit upon.

Testing the iPad’s Trip-Worthiness - Finally, a solid and unbiased review of the iPad…from a traveler’s perspective.  And while you know the ending to this story before you even crack the cover, author Bob Tedeschi does a fantastic job of pointing out both the advantages and flaws of navigating your shinny new iPad though the airport security checkpoint.

You will adore the iPad when you’re in transit and in the hotel room. You’ll have far less use for the thing when you head for the beach, or a city walking tour, or a roadside diner.

Read on and uncover your own excuse to pick up the latest magical device from Apple.

TripAdvisor’s TripWow – Don’t call it a slideshow, oh, it is so much more than just slideshow.  Unsatisfied with simply being the home of user reviews, TripAdvisor’s TripWow service offers travelers a Bruckheimer-style movie mashup of your vacation photos.  For those of us who have a primeval need to outdo everyone at a family reunion, upload and enjoy.


Most impressive.

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