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Ike tweets, via Twittervision.

Ike tweets, via twittervision.

More Twitter – Another good article from the New York Times and Sarah Milstein about the usefulness of Twitter at work, not to mention some good general tips on using the micro-blogging service.  Be sure to read tip #4 ‘Engage customers,’ that’s right, engage them!  While we are on the subject of twitter for work, check out Yammer, the winner of TechCrunch50 and surely a hot topic for the next few days/weeks.  Full write up on the new companies / trends from TechCrunch50 next week.

Also, while we are on the topic, head over to Twitter Search and preform a search on #ike.  The results will be an entire of stream of anything having to do with the upcoming hurricane.  A fascinating look at the storm from a non-mainstream media perspective.  In addition, Home Depot is using Twitter to send store hour updates and prep tips…sure they are only reaching about 700 people right now and most are probably not in the Houston area, but they are interacting with a good set of influencers, capitalizing on any WOM marketing or PR opportunities (might get some PR out of it, might not) and are positioning their brand as smart, caring and modern.

A $20,000 Domain Name is a Bargain – A great post from Mark Jackson of Search Engine Watch on the cost and value of keyword rich domain names.  The article makes users think about the real cost of an expensive domain name vs. the actual cost of having to run a PPC / SEM campaign to make up for a second-class domain name.  Plus, great tips on choosing a new domain name, including the history of the domain name, a factor that due to the ever increasing age of the internet, will become more and more important.

News Flash – Kids / Teens Like to Text! – More evidence that kids do things differently.  As we talked about in our post, Travel Trends – HSMAI Marketing Review Summer 2008, specifically trend #14, communication preferences are changing at an ever increasing pace, see the chart for proof.

Study: Social Nets Snare Boomers – Article from Adweek discusses the adoption of social networking sites by the ‘boomer’ demographic.  The short version, boomers are catching up to the internet revolution and unlike younger demos who prefer to create and connect (messages, videos, IM) via social networking sites, boomers appear to be placing a higher priority on information gathering.

The study, which surveyed 11,600 consumers online, also found that over 57 percent of Web users overall have stopped at social networking sites in the past three months. Baby boomers stopped on average of eight times in that period.

Owyang said that older social network users are there for different reasons than younger users and are less likely to leave messages or otherwise interact with others. A Forrester study conducted earlier this year found that 41 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds leave comments or create content on social networking sites; only 14 percent of those 55 and over use the sites for the same purpose.

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