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Email Boosting Social - We touched upon this subject oh so briefly in our recent post, 5 Signs of A Poor Email Campaign, but new stats from the team at eMarketer have provided more evidence that many of us are integrating our email and social campaigns.

So now that we are using our email database…our hard-fought, protected, sacred database…to push consumers to our social outlets, how much longer do we need the email database?

Travel Weekly’s 2010 Consumer Trends – Released earlier this week, the 2010 Consumer Trends report provides some interesting data on the state of the American traveler…with a whole lot of ads.  Anyway, you can skim over the (basic) report for yourself, but we found the section on Tribal Behavior to be the most interesting snippet of research from the report:

Tribe / Tendencies

Sensationals / 28% of leisure market, young, professional singles, action /adventure travel with club life.  Receptive to ‘flash’ emails.

Familias / 23% of leisure market, family-focused, dual-income.  Package oriented.  Comparison shoppers.

Touristers / 23% of leisure market, married, 2nd oldest group, ‘no-mistake’ travel.  Spend highest amount per trip.  Family and high-end vacations.

Extraordinaires / 26% of leisure market, oldest tribe, grandparents.  Wealthy emptynesters.  European / foreign trips, boutique hotels.

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