Travel Trends – MySkyStatus, Cincinnati Zoo, CTR

Lufthansa Upgrades MySkyStatusMySkyStatus, the foursquare update of the skies, received a pretty nice upgrade over the last month proving that Lufthansa is either serious about this social venture, or has some time to kill.  For those unfamiliar with MySkyStatus, it is a deceptively simple site (or application) that allows any airline passenger to register flight info and then (the system) send automatic flight updates to your social network.

Simple enough.

What we really love about MySkyStatus how Lufthansa is using this site as a tactic and strategy in its social media marketing campaign.  Instead of pushing messages via Twitter and Facebook (alright, they do that too), the German flag carrier is taking a different social route and providing a useful social tool that both extends the functionality of Twitter and Facebook, but also the Lufthansa brand.

Not to mention, a la Google, they are receiving (and we hope analyzing) quite a bit of data on traveler flights and flight preference on both their airline and competitor airlines.

Cincinnati Zoo iPhone App – From the wild kingdom of Cincinnati, we bring you the latest iPhone app for the Cincinnati Zoo.  While we won’t go into detail on the app, nor review every last detail…although, there are some great features…we do want to talk about the concept behind the application.  What makes this application useful and informative is the strategic planning that went into the development.  I can only assume that someone at the zoo gave a significant amount of thought around what type of an application would be useful for the consumer.

Sure, that sounds simple, but the temptation of packing the app full of ads, unrelated content and useless features is not easily overcome.  On top of that, putting the consumer first…amazing.

Consumer First = Successful iPhone Application


Is the Click Still King? – Unfortunately, yes, it is.

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