Travel Trends – NAVTEQ, Radiohead

Nokia Purchases NAVTEQ – In an announcement today, mobile phone giant Nokia will acquire Navteq, the world’s top seller of mapping software, for $8.1billion. While this move should not affect the use of Navteq’s maps within mapping tools on Google, Yahoo! and MSN, the purchase is a blow to GPS-maker Garmin. Especially considering that Garmin competitor TomTom purchased the other major mapping provider, Tele Atas, earlier this year.

Radiohead Says Pay What You Want – A bit of online news that everyone seems to be talking about, the U.K. band Radiohead has decided to release it latest album sans record label and let consumers decide what they want to pay for the album. Yes, that is correct. Consumers can download the entire album from Radiohead’s website and decide during the checkout process how much they would like to pay for the album…anywhere from free to $10.00, or whatever you want. A very interesting concept on how much content (in this case music) is worth to consumers.

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