Travel Trends – Podcasts, More Browsers

Podcast Usage Still Skews Young – Oh little podcasts, why have you been overlooked?  Unfortunately, for most of us they are difficult to produce and are only consumed by a niche audience.  Pew Internet (love those guys) via eMarketer has some new stats:

Nearly one out of five (19%) Internet users in the US say they have downloaded a podcast, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project. Pew’s researchers said that was up from 12% in August 2006.

However, podcast downloading is still a niche activity. Even among those who said they downloaded podcasts, only 17% did so on a typical day.

More Browsers
– Microsoft sends Internet Explorer 8 into beta mode and sets off the online ad industry, Google responds (good timing) with a browser of their own.  Okay, one at a time.  Last week, Microsoft began showing off IE8 including the new ‘InPrivate’ feature which allows consumers to block all tracking and caching during a specific session.  Because the majority of ads depend on some form of tracking or cookie, the ad industry was just a little worried about the new feature.  But with increased FTC interest, we might not be that far away from losing ad targeting anyway.

In the meantime, Google, has launched it’s new Chrome browser into beta causing an even bigger stir in the blogging community.  Google says it wanted to redesign the browser and make it simpler, others say they are just looking for more revenue.  Either way, the Google v. Microsoft browser war has begun.  It will be extremely interesting to see the adoption rate of the new chrome browser.

For more, take a look at TechCrunch’s article on the new browser.  Google’s master plan (one of many, I am sure) is to allow users to stop using Windows.

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