Travel Trends – Transmoflection & Vancouver 2010, Jumbo Hostel, Social Network Demographics

Transmoflection in action.

Transmoflection in action.

Transmoflection & Vancouver 2010 – From our neighbors to the north comes the idea of Transmoflection, an interesting look into the development of the Vancouver 2010, well, look.  Certainly in the category of a major tourism event, the Winter Olympics in Vancouver will drench the city in Olympic signs, banners, murals, etc and in this case, they look pretty good.  A timeless design…perhaps not, there are some trendy elements, but it does seem to capture the spirit and harmony of the city in a gorgeous graphical execution.  Plus, we love new buzz words.

Jumbo Hostel – Let’s call this one recycling technology.  Those of you who are regulars know that Mo and I support not only a green philosophy, but one of sustainable tourism.  Oscar Diös, who we will assume is Swedish, saw an opportunity in a run-down 747 and turned it into a hostel at the Stockholm-Arlanda Airport.  Pictures are here. That’s right, a full-size, intact 747 that you can spend the night in…and no, it does not fly anymore.  Fantastic.  When is the next travel conference in Stockholm?

Social Network Demographics – From the minds at Pew Internet, via eMarketer, new stats on social networking demographics.  Again, if you don’t already subscribe to or routinely visit Pew Internet, you need to.

Some good data in there.  However, a final thought from eMarketer needs to be corrected:

“The ongoing headache for marketers is that social networking is such a powerful consumer activity, but incredibly challenging as a marketing medium,” said Debra Aho Williamson, senior analyst at eMarketer.

As we have spoken about at length on the Travel 2.0 blog, marketing is difficult if not nearly impossible on social networks. The key being that social networks are a communication platform, therefore, you need to communicate with members, not market to them.

So, substitute the word ‘communication’ for ‘marketing’ and your social networking strategy should work out much better.

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