Travel Trends – .travel, JetBlue, Privacy

.travel To Open Up Registration (Read, we need money) – Like a few of you, I received an email this week from EnCirca or the company one of the companies behind the .travel domain extension. The email basically stated that as of December 21st anybody with a travel related business can apply for a .travel domain name. The email itself was pretty comical, with lines such as ‘anticipated December 21 Land Rush for .travel’ or ‘.travel domain names are ideal for search engine marketing.’ Good stuff.

While the .travel domain idea looked good on paper and in theory, it has not worked as designed in the real world. People have not caught onto the idea that a domain extension such as .biz, .travel or .jobs is the same as .com. Seriously, most people cannot even grasp the concept of .net, let alone .travel or .asia. With search engines becoming more than just a simple website, but an embedded action in our thought process for locating information, the need for a certain domain name and domain extension is dwindling.

Now, if you are like the Arizona Office of Tourism, you might own a few of these key domain names…such as…just to prevent someone from squatting or worse, using that domain in an undesirable manner. But you can call off the plans to switch over your whole advertising campaign and interactive strategy to It’s already over…before it really got started.

JetBlue Goes Wireless – As we have discussed previously on the Interactive Trend Report, the next big frontier for in-flight entertainment, or annoyance depending on your point-of-view, is in-flight wireless access. Earlier this month, JetBlue announced a basic pilot program (no pun intended) to test wireless access aboard one of there Airbus A320 jets, dubbed BetaBlue (how clever). While this service will be a reality for airline passengers in the near-future, it appears that JetBlue’s wi-fi still has a few bugs to be worked out. But, with American Airlines, Virgin America, and Alaska Airlines all preparing to launch wireless access during the next year, you are not too far away from checking your email from 40,000ft. Or at least checking your favorite blog…this one!

People Don’t Truly Care About Privacy – A very good post from Seth Godin, discusses the some of the latest news surrounding the idea of internet privacy and privacy in general, and why people don’t really care about it. To quote from the post:

There’s been a lot of noise about privacy over the last decade, but what most pundits miss is that most people don’t care about privacy, not at all.

If they did, they wouldn’t have credit cards. Your credit card company knows an insane amount about you.

What people care about is being surprised.

Exactly. Facebook’s attempt at targeted ads encountered vocal opposition because the private information being collected was being used in an irresponsible manner…i.e., they surprised people. We all know we are being watched, just don’t remind us of it.

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