Travel Trends – Trazzler, TripKick, PlanetEye, Knol

Trazzler – From the founders of 71miles and Twitter, comes the ‘Where would I rather be right now?’ travel site Trazzler. If you have been reading the blog for a while, you know we are big fans of 71miles and twitter, so we were excited about the new site. And like both those sites, Trazzler is quiet in design and focused on its mission. The site takes into account your location and (they say soon) your personality to deliver one travel recommendation at a time (some call it ‘One Deal at a Time’). The recommendations are actually written by the human hand, rather than crudely pulled from other sites, and offer a simple description of the travel experience…don’t like it, click ‘next.’ Integration with Kayak provides the booking engine connection for the site.

And from the Trazzler blog, a great description of the site’s mission:

Trazzler’s mission is to free people from the distractions and cruft of online travel research. Clear your mind and ask yourself, “Where would I rather be right now?” Then flip through trip pages designed to place you emotionally in a moment with great photography and expert travel writing. Discover travel experiences with a more natural, meandering online experience. Add to your wishlist, explore your travel personality, and take a more inspired approach to online travel—Trazzler is about making it fun.

Wonderful. The site is a refreshing re-thinking of the travel planning site model.

TripKick – TripKick is SeatGuru for hotels. The service allows you to search (at this time within a limited number of cities) for hotel rooms and determine which room has the best view, best bathroom or is the quietest and away from the elevator. Brilliant. For example, check out the page on the W in Seattle, the site lists what rooms are oversized and have great views. Plus, the design of the site is simple, clean and easy to use. Thank you, TripKick.

PlanetEye – More new travel sites. With backing from some large investors, including Microsoft, PlanetEye takes a slightly different angle on the ‘clip and save’ travel planning site with a focus on mapping (from Microsoft) and images. In addition, the site features several ‘local experts’ in a variety of locations.

Knol – Finally, a quick note about Google’s launch of Knol (a unit of knowledge), the search giant’s Wikipedia challenger. Knol, in simple terms, is a user-generated content / article site, like Wikipedia. But unlike Wikipedia, Knol will and can contain multiple articles on the same subject. Plus, unless you authorize contribution from other users, no one else can edit your ‘knol.’ Similar to Squidoo. And what is the travel connection? Think of all the expert ‘knol’ pages you can create about your destination. A lot of work, sure, but the SEO returns could be worth it. Keep an eye on this site, with Google backing it is sure to grow rapidly.

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