Travel Trends – Upload Your Photos Here!!, Adobe, Weekend Web

Upload Your Photos HERE!! – An amusing post from the daily (ad) biz makes note of a recent Heineken campaign, to….wait for it….upload your favorite photos of the product! I don’t know about you, but several people touching a Heineken bottle spells brand loyalty for me. Anyway, the team over at the daily (ad) biz reiterates what we have said a couple of times on the Travel 2.0 blog, which is that consumers (beer or travel) will not just show up at your website to upload anything! The old, ‘if you build it they will come‘ theory does not work online. Flickr, Facebook and Photobucket (and a few others) are the only photo-sharing websites (or websites where photos are shared in the case of Facebook) that matter. Embrace these sites, run your campaign with them…instead of against them…and stop trying to move mountains.

Adobe Goes Further Online – For all of you techs and (even) non-techs out there, take note that Adobe just launched it’s next round of webtop (runs online, not on your desktop) software and Acrobat 9. If you use or interact with Acrobat (.pdfs) on a daily basis, I would recommend you catch up on the news via the post at TechCrunch. The programs offered via are very useful and the integration of Flash into Acrobat 9 means that you will now start seeing video (YouTube) embedded into .pdf documents.

The Weekend Web – Shocker, users surf different websites at work during the week versus the weekend! While this article is not exactly a revelation, it does include some interesting insight into consumer behaviors on the mobile web and weekday vs. weekend. For example: ‘During weekends, we fire up our smartphones for fun. The fastest-growing mobile-Web categories relate to weather, entertainment, games, and music, according to comScore.’ I know I am in that group…weather and movies are all I check on the weekends…plus this blog, of course.

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