TravelCom 2009 – Thursday Summary

More tweets, thoughts and posts from TravelCom.

Overall Themes (or the short, short version):

  • Metasearch is a huge buzzword that everyone (sites like Kayak) is trying to take advantage of.
  • Consumers are less loyal to brands and more loyal to price.

Tweets, thoughts and facts:

Thanks to Elliott and Shane for all of the great tweets from the show.

You can find Elliott on the Uptake blog and Shane on Hotel eComm Insights.  Thanks guys.

elliottng #travelcom long term shift from OTA to Supplier, now 66% supplier 34% OTA (Comscore)

elliottng #travelcom Travel Information sites holding steady but OTA/supplier sites down – therefore need to get in front of consumers earlier!

elliottng Luxury travel searches down 2%, but family/discount travel terms up 48% (comScore) #travelcom

KeenerGuy Brian Solsberg – TripAdvisor – newest member of airline meta search. 32million mo. visitors across their media platform. #travelcom

elliottng #travelcom – Kayak going after TA & TravelZoo core; TA going after Kayak core; TravelZoo going after Kayak core!

hharteveldt #travelcom Kayak to OTAs: merge away, we’re ready to survive without fee revenue

hharteveldt #travelcom: Hafner: “Travelpost is an even crappier business than Kayak.”

KeenerGuy There are 19% fewer brand loyal leisure travelers in 2008 than 2006 #travelcom

KeenerGuy Why dwidling loyalty? generic products or experiences, abundance of travel product & booking options, low # of incentrves, UGC #travelcom

KeenerGuy UGC provides inspiration and confidence. #travelcom

KeenerGuy Brand loyal travelers are smart, upscale and comfortable with technology. Income over $100k, more connected. #travelcom

KeenerGuy Two in 10 brand loyal leisure travelers participate in UGC online. Great evangelists or potential detractors. #travelcom

KeenerGuy Hertz does 30 million rentals a year to about 10 million travelers. This is a dream audience for a publisher. #travelcom

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