TravelCom 2009 – What You Missed On Wednesday

A summary of who said what, tweets, presentations, blog posts and what you missed from TravelCom on Wednesday.

Personally, I enjoy watching this type of conference via Twitter.  Typically, in these large, open sessions, a few people speak up with questions or comments, but for the most part, everyone is just hiding behind their new TripAdvisor tote bag and hoping not to be put on the spot.

Watching via Twitter, anyone can say anything they want…for better or worse.

With that.

Overall Themes (or the short, short version):

  • The economy is not is good shape, particularly for travel demand.  Adapt and survive.
  • Orbitz and Travelocity may merge with other OTAs and form an even bigger OTA. A Super-OTA!
  • Everyone loves Southwest’s Herb Kelleher.
  • Social Media, and more appropriately, social media marketing is still exciting and confusing to the travel industry.
  • Airlines (except for Southwest, see above) still don’t get it.
  • Google knows a lot about travelers. (And everyone else for that matter)

Posts and Presentations:

Thanks to our friend Elliott from Uptake, two great summaries from the presentation schedule:

Tweets, thoughts and facts:

A collection of the stats and tweets coming from TravelCom.

hharteveldt #TravelCom More US online trvlrs use social computing. 62% do social computing now, up from 58% Q1 08. Forrester Q1 2009 travel study

KeenerGuy 20% of hotels received cancellations due to TARP #travelcom

hharteveldt #travelcom USTA: Travel industry employs 3+M more ppl than auto and generates more revenue than auto as well

KeenerGuy 66% people expect travel companies to try hard to make them feel valued. #travelcom

elliottng I cannot believe how much airtime Twitter and Facebook are getting in the #travelcom keynote by @hharteveldt!

KeenerGuy consumer slowdown + debt = travel values plummeting. #travelcom

denschaal #travelcom gerstner predicts 3 otas, not 4, by end of year…consolidation. exped could buy orbitz, or travelocity and orbitz could combine

KeenerGuy Southwest Social media lessons – be genuine and transparent, be willing to listen and open to change #travelcom

mwaks At a TravelCom in Atlanta where I just heard an keynote economist slam travelocity and orbitz.. while they were in the room!

TravelCom The power of going elsewhere to build your brand – beetles analogy Tripadvisor #TravelCom

KeenerGuy While half of Facebook is over 35, the other half isn’t. It is important to be in front of future travelers. #travelcom

apokrisis GDS distributors talking on a panel, apparently completely in denial. of market reality. Crowd disappointed. #travelcom

catpoetry In mobile not a single solution- depends on what you want to achive – intresting to hear what others n industry are doing #travelcom

KeenerGuy 6.7 weeks spent searching travel. #travelcom

KeenerGuy 10 pct of searches include 5 or more words. #travelcom

TravelCom Google Rob Torres – Travel – Search for Travel evolving – longer quries, 54% contain 3 to 4 words #Travelcom

TravelCom 60% travelers use video when choosing/picking a destination – Google #Travelcom

KeenerGuy Only 26 pct of marketers integrate search and display ads. #travelcom

KeenerGuy Wisdom of the crowd is a powerful tool. 56 pct of OL travel researchers use UGC to verify hotel choice. #travelcom

TravelCom Google: Video is future for DMOS used as example #Travelcom

KeenerGuy Mobile reservations and UGC will improve next. #travelcom

And you can still find all of the tweets from TravelCom on our Tinker page.

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