This Week in Travel Tech

Another Friday is upon us and you have some time to kill. Rather than spend your time endangering your career on Chatroulette, may we recommend some quality reading time?

Here are the articles, posts and stories that caught our eye during the past week.

Some you have probably seen, some you might have missed.

A variety of topics this week including Yelp, the future of visual search, Bing hearts Foursquare, more Foursqaure and a little Gowalla.

Talking to the Chief of Yelp, the Site That Businesses Love to Hate – New York Times

A fascinating look inside the minds at Yelp.

Gary Flake: is Pivot a turning point for web exploration? – TED

TED is one of our favorite sites / thought generators and Pivot does not disappoint.

Lonely Planet CEO – more integration, premium content works, mobile push – Tnooz

Battling for survival, Lonely Planet talks about the future of their interactive strategy.

Ryanair – we will not engage in social media – Tnooz

While everyone else is talking about engaging in social media, Ryanair is talking about not engaging in social media.  Crazy or brilliant?

Facebook To Release A “Like” Button For the Whole Darn Internet – TechCrunch

I for one welcome our new Facebook overlords.

Time to Start Taking the Internet Seriously – Edge

Easily the most thought provoking article I have read all year.  The internet, the future and what it holds for all of us.

Microsoft Integrates Foursquare Into Bing Maps; Turns Attention To Signals – MediaPost

Bing fights to stay relevant.

Design discussions: Paul Shaw and the NYC Subway – idsgn

The visual history of the world’s most famous subway system…and the font that tells millions where to go.

Tech-Talch – Chatroulette – The Daily Show

So, you have never heard of Chatroulette?  The Daily Show sums it up in about 6 minutes.  Warning, video is not for the easily offended.  Of course, neither is The Daily Show.

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