We’re Back!

More pop culture fun on the Travel 2.0 blog.

More pop culture fun on the Travel 2.0 blog.

Many of you have been wondering…some of you even calling the police to file a missing persons report…where are the new posts from the Travel 2.0 blog?

Well, when the United Nations requests a report on ‘The Benefit of Twitter for the Travel Industries of Developing Countries in Africa’, you just can’t say no.

No?  You did not go for that? How about this one:

Sorry for the lack of posts during July, but both Mo and myself were rescuing helpless whales from Japanese fishing ships for the past two weeks.

Hmmm.  You say they already have a show about this and we are not on it?  Odd.

Would you believe we were both on summer vacation?

Yes! Good, then that is our story.

Happy to be back.

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