Random Thoughts: Why Don’t Hotels Have Very Simple Alarm Clocks?


Airport security line woes; image credit: http://www.cagle.com/news/AirportSecurity2

Why does a banana cost twenty cents at the supermarket and $1.61 at SFO? Are hungry people supposed to subsidize non-hungry travelers? When I go through security, why do I need to remove a cardigan sweater but the woman standing next to me can keep her cashmere blouse on? Are certain kinds of wool inherently risky? What would happen if Imagineers from Disney designed the security line? Why not let them try? >>Full Story

Thoughts// Why don’t hotels have simple alarm clocks? Seth Godin recently wrote an interesting post posing this rhetorical question and many others exemplifying just some of the reasons why people inherently dislike the experience of travel.

As travel marketers, we spend a lot of time focusing on the quality of the sell; the website user experience, quality of the magazines or ads.  But how many of us are taking that brand promise and effusing it into other customer touch points such as the call center, welcome centers and yes, even down to the alarm clocks in our hotel rooms?

It would interesting indeed if the Imaginers at Disney had a chance to redefine the airport experience!

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