Word of the Week – Gammas

You have been waiting for a new word to use in meetings, admit it.  Staycation seems a little old, doesn’t it?  Then you are going to be a huge fan of ‘Gammas.’  From what we can tell, our friends at Meredith are the biggest users of the new buzz word, but we are sure others will soon follow.

The Gamma woman stands in the center of a web of positive personal connections: she aims to bring out the best in herself and others. Her sense of self is guided by her internal beliefs, passions, and priorities. She is motivated by the desire to interact, rather than to impress. She is her family’s strong center, her friends’ trusted ally, and she models the change she wants to see in the world.
Key characteristics of the Gamma woman:

– Collaborative and inclusive
– Feels empowered by information
– Values relationships of all kinds
– Defines success for herself
– Individualistic and self-actualizing
– Believes work should fit personal and family needs; not the other way around
– Strives to be healthy and is comfortable in her own skin
– Enjoys creative pursuits and opportunities for self-expression
– Environmentally conscious
– Faith and spirituality are important
– Willing to share her time and talents

There you go, begin the use of Gamma!

So let it be written, so let it be done.

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