You’re Using the Wrong ‘A’ Word

As I prepared for my session at Canada-e-Connect 2011…Storytelling as the Heart of the Media Campaign…I gave some thought to the ideas of traditional marketing versus new / digital / web 2.0 marketing.  (Ugh, call it what you want.)

Anyway, how could I explain, simply, how the marketing world has shifted and how tourism brands can keep up by focusing on story and experience?

Which brought me to the ‘A’ word.

No, not that ‘A’ word.

The other one…awareness.

While I would like to say that the idea of awareness began to fade 5 years ago, it has not.  Many marketers are still obsessed with awareness as their primary ‘A’ word.

However in the new utopia that is social, the ‘A’ word that you should be concerned about is advocacy.

Yes, advocacy is now more important than awareness.

Especially with your consumers.

Which makes advocacy your new ‘A’ word.

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