You Can’t Fake Service

Ah, customer service.

It makes or breaks your brand.

And every brand wants to be known for it.

With the expansion of social media the opportunities and challenges with customer service have increased exponentially.  So have the costs.  And the time requirements.  Oh, and the impact of poor communication.

Recently, I observed a well-known destination touting a new social service which professed to update the consumer, in real-time, the activities and happenings occurring throughout the city.

And while the site looked great, the service was just not there.

After spending two minutes on the site, the same 10 tweets have repeated themselves twice.

A good effort, but you can’t fake service.

Social, call center or in-person, customer service and communication cannot be produced with a limited budget.

It takes time, money and people with knowledge.

Personal or social curation, either tactic requires the full attention of the destination.

Social connections can make your customer communication strategy more effective, but only if you are good at communicating.

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