3 Ways To Fix Your Email Campaign

You've got junk mail!

Recently, I ventured back to the no-man’s land of email…my Yahoo! inbox.  Poor Yahoo!, it had been months since I had seen her last.

And there she was, still collecting email for a user who had moved on.  No more personal emails, birthday ecards or funny YouTube videos from my friends and family.  But, you know who had not forgotten about good old Yahoo!?

Apparently every business who has ever sent a commercial email.

As bold as a teenager with a driver’s license, but at the same time, as unnoticed as a Green Party candidate (that one is for Mo.),  the email left resting in my Yahoo! inbox was a visual representation of what not to do.

Yet, so many smart companies…totaling nearly 9,000 emails…continued to send me email.

Let’s fix that.

3 Ways To Fix Your Email Marketing Campaign

Stop Sending Email

Yeah, stop it.  Stop sending email to people who have stopped reading your email.  Why would you continue to send, and pay for, email to a person who has not even opened the last 3, 5 or in one case, 57 emails?  Move them off of your list and focus on the consumer who actually wants to receive email from you.

If you are not comfortable deleting all of those expired and useless emails permanently, I would recommend an Inactive Subscriber email series, such as this plan from MailChimp.  Then, move forward with your clean list and simply send a yearly reminder email to your inactive list.

Ah, doesn’t that feel better?

Unsubscribe At The Top, Always

Let’s pretend that you already have full unsubscribe options on your email (believe or not, many companies don’t), in which case, move those options to the top of the email template.  Not only will it result in an instant decrease in your spam score, it is a clear indication to the consumer that you understand and value the email relationship.

But don’t stop there, use your new found importance to upsell.  For example:

You are currently subscribed to: Daily Updates (Change / Unsubscribe).
746 other fans are also subscribed to: Snow Report (Subscribe Now)


Make Email Social

Yes, you can add a Like and Tweet button to the top of your email.  But really, what value does that provide the consumer?  Are they really liking that specific email?  And why?

Take the time to integrate social as a sharing option.  Place social share links…Share this on Facebook / Twitter…right next to the Read More link under a story.  Or next to an event, coupon or announcement.  Give the consumer an opportunity to share the insight, that you have delivered to them, with their social friends.

Rather than forcing them to like the fact that you send email.

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