4 Things To Know About Facebook Send

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Yesterday, Facebook provided the masses with a new way to connect and share…this time, to specific friends…via the Facebook Send button. As with anything Facebook, the potential impact of the Send button could be wide ranging…from social interaction to search engine optimization.

With the hype machine in full swing, here are the 4 things you need to know about the Facebook Send button.

4 Things To Know About Facebook Send

Like is for all, Send is for some.
Unlike the Like button, the Facebook Send button has been designed with specific friends and family in mind. Those instances where you want to share a piece of content, but don’t really want to share it to your entire social entourage. Enter Facebook Send. With the ability to message a single friend, group or specific email address…plus the option to include a personal message…the Send button makes sharing content a bit more personal.

Send = Messages
A key difference between the ubiquitous Like button and the newly launched Send button is the location within Facebook where a friend receives your messages. Likes turn up within the news feed or wall, while ‘sent’ messages show up within the messages inbox.  The wall is public, your message inbox is private.  Considering the all out battle for wall space, the Send button could create a more relevant and lucrative home for (good!) content via the messages inbox.

Sends Add Up To Likes
Oy, you know we are not fans of the Like number (Measuring Facebook with Engagement), but it is important to understand how that number is calculated.  And, as of yesterday, it includes the number of sends.  Likes + shares + comments + inbox messages (containing a URL) = Total Lifetime Likes

Sends has SEO Potential
Simply, Google uses the Share and Like button, along with a few hundred other variables, to determine the worth of a page.  As our peer Jason Falls explains (via video), hard to imagine Google ignoring a targeted endorsement of content.

Bonus Link
How to: Build, code and install your own Facebook Send button.

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