The Anti-Social, Social Campaign

The Anti-Social, Social Campaign - MT Vacation Lodge

During my recent speaking appearance at the Montana Governor’s Conference on Tourism and Recreation, I received an interesting question, post-presentation:

‘We own a lodge, in the back country and have difficultly getting internet service, let alone a cell signal.  How can, or should, we participate in social media?’

Great question and one that I am sure numerous resorts, lodges, outfitters, rafting companies and alike deal with on a daily basis.

My suggestion, reverse the equation.

Use the remoteness of your destination or resort as a positive.

Take the fact that you have limited internet access as your brand’s social story.

For example, the (dummy) Twitter profile above.

I love the thought of a lodge or resort that cannot update their Twitter page due to the fact they are so remote.

And they use that remoteness as a positive in your non-social creative.

‘Miles away from the nearest wall post.’

‘Tweets come from the hundreds of wild birds, not from your phone.’

‘Reconnect with nature, instead of your old college roommate.’

Damn that is good…cannot believe I just gave that away for free.

Surely someone in the hospitality space has already taken this marketing approach and is extending the messaging to social media channels.

That said, I would not write off every channel…perhaps a Facebook page is a good communication outlet for your lodge or campground…but I love the though of creating empty social profiles to drive home the point that your lodge is an escape from daily life.

The PR side alone could be quite widespread.

‘The lodge that does not use social media, to promote via social media.’

I can see Matt Lauer’s confused expression already as the lodge owner explains the campaign.

The anti-social, social campaign.

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