Dealing with Social Guilt

A sunrise in Maine...

Between presentations at the Maine Tourism Conference, I found myself back in the meeting room a full 45 minutes before the next breakout, checking in for my flight the following day.

At that point, an attendee…a lovely Mainer (and yes, everyone is friendly in Maine)…asked if she could come in a bit early and ask me a few questions.

Personal instruction was how she described it.

As I got to know Susan, I learned that she runs a wonderful art gallery featuring copper sculptures and casts.  High-end and highly desirable copper artwork, with a specific and often reserved clientele.

We talked a bit about the gallery’s website, their eBay store and efforts to build a CRM list combing the aforementioned website, store and emails.

But as we spoke, I could sense there was something else on her mind.

So, being direct as always, I asked.

You obviously have another question…what else can I help you with?

Apparently my reassuring tone and handsome business cards were enough to gain her trust, not unlike a psychologist, or guidance counselor, but with a larger Twitter following.

Well, I feel guilty about not being on Facebook.

Instinctively my hand raised between us, blocking the theory of social ectype that was about to be directed toward me.

Don’t be.  You don’t need to be on Facebook.

Those words washed over her like a warm sunrise across Saco Bay.  She was excited.  Apparently, every other conference, blog post and guru described the Facebook page as a requirement, rather than a strategic option.

Susan stayed through the entire session, essentially a retelling of our very conversation, and thanked me again at the conclusion of my presentation.

Free from social guilt, she walked out of the South Ballroom and back to her original marketing plan.

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