DMO Strategy: Technology or Inspiration?

As I boarded my flight back to Denver, a few thoughts stirred in my mind from the recently completed eTourism Summit.  Yes, it was a solid conference, full of good ideas and great people, but a few comments kept bubbling to the top.

What I am going to take away is the sheer amount of work I need to do.

We only have two people in our department, and one of them is me.

Hyperlocal? I barely have enough time to deal with regular local.

Essentially, the great debate between time, resources and goals.

On one side, destinations, DMOs and CVBs are open to the opportunity of social, mobile and whatever comes next, while at the same time concerned and confused about how all of these good ideas get done.

On the other, vendors, agencies, sales people…even me (sometimes)…pushing all of these new ideas, channels and tactics often due to precedent, product offering or profits.

In the microcosm that is eTourism Summit, one can see this conflict with clarity.  A vendor presents their vision for a mobile future, while the DMO audience winces at the thought of adding movie listings to an already long list of content requirements.

At this point, I ask why?

Why are we adding restaurant listings and reviews to our mobile app?

Why do we even have a mobile app?

Do we really believe that, in 5 years, we will still have more content and information, than say, Google?

Is this really what the consumer expects from the DMO or CVB?

Or, in our subconscious quest to grab at anything and everything possibly related to destination visitation, have we gone too far?  Have we stretched beyond our goals and mission to become more technology company than inspiration company.

Eventually, those in the destination vertical will have to make a choice due to the simple pressures of time, budget, staff and goals.

What is my area of focus?

Are you a technology company with inspirational tourism content?

Or are you a tourism inspiration company with a measured approach to technology?

Choose wisely.

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