Even More, More, More FREE Ways To Track Online Buzz

Back by even more popular demand, even more, more, more FREE ways to track your online buzz. If you missed any of the previous posts, you can find them here:

Google Analytics Upgrades:
For those of you who’re using Google Analytics to analyze your web traffic, take note that Google has quitely released some interesting new tools into the mix.

Skiiing insights

Skiing insights

Google Insights for Search: Google Insights is essentially an advanced version of Google Trends allows users to compare search trends for specific keywords over a period of time by region and category (e.g. travel).  For example, if you run a ski resort and are curious about when consumers are thinking about ski conditions and what messages resonate best, a query of search terms “skiing”, “ski conditions”, “where to ski” and “snow” in the “travel” category for 2007 tells us that:

  1. Search for all terms start to rise in mid-October and peak in December; between December and March, the volume remains high but probably ebbs and flows with snow fall
  2. The more generic keywords “snow” and “skiing” are driving a higher volume of search queries.
  3. Utah, Oregon, Idaho and Nevada generated the highest volume of searches related to these keywords in the travel category; what shocked me was the fact that Colorado doesn’t even rank in the top 10.   Perhaps the folks in Colorado already know where to find great snow?
  4. Interestingly, Insights also gives you keywords associated with the terms I typed in.  The top five are: “utah skiing”, “tahoe skiing”, “skiing park city”, “skiing lake tahoe”, “skiing poconos”.

Google Analytics Updates: Late in October, the Google Analytics team released a whole host of “enterprise” level features that’s going to be invaluable for analysts everywhere.    The most exciting by far has to be the “advanced segmentation” feature which will allow you to analyze the behavior of certain segments of your consumers.  For example, if you’re curious about how skiers use your destination site versus foodies, you can now isolate each type of user through the segmentation tool to glean what content resonates (or doesn’t) with each user and their points of engagement.  For more on segmentation, check out the video below or read this excellent blog by Avinash Kaushik on how to be a segmentation ‘Ninja’.


Twitter Grader:
For those dabbling in Twitter, Twitter Grader allows you to enter in your screen names (or names of others) into the site algorithm to find out how each user ranks (in terms of engagement) on the Twitter scale; the algorithm bases engagement on: number of followers, number of followers your followers have, quality and pace of updates, ‘completeness of your profile’ and some other “secret” analysis.    With close to 5000 followers and over a 1000 updates, it’s easy to see why Southwest Airlines scores in the 99.7 percentile of all Twitter users!

Southwest Report Card

Southwest Report Card

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