Google Unleashes “Andriod”

Hoping to spur the growth of the mobile industry as it did the Internet, Google on Monday announced the launch of a new mobile software platform aimed at opening up and simplifying the creation of applications and services for the cell phone. >>Full Story

Thoughts// I really love Google. For those of you who share my view, this is another indication that the company that used to be search engine is totally going to change the media and marketing landscape one more time. “Android” will be an open platform available on devices from more than 30 mobile operators and handset manufacturers including Sprint, T-Mobile and Motorola. The platform will include a browser that delivers an “PC like” experience with capabalities for online audio and video, gaming and social networking; most importantly however, the platform will be open to third-party developers to build applications. So there are three things to consider as you build a long term digital “Google” strategy:

  1. Google’s announcement of OpenSocial last week that allows for portable applications across social networks.
  2. Android allows the development of common mobile apps across networks
  3. Google search data + behavioral targeting via OpenSocial + Android aps = Ultimate, integrated, targeted campaign across platforms!

See…you’ll love Google too!

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