It’s December 28th, the Perfect Time For A Pre-Christmas Sale!

As I was checking my email last week, I noticed a peculiar banner ad in my peripheral vision. Which is pretty common, but from some reason this banner caught my eye…but not in a good way.

Thoughts// So, there I was, last Friday, December 28th, checking my email when I noticed this Bloomingdales banner ad. And I thought myself, ‘what day is it?’ Now at this point last week all of the days were running together and I was not sure what day it was. According to the banner it was December 24th, the day before Christmas.

But I seem to remember opening gifts already.

But the banner says that Bloomingdales is having a ‘Right Before Christmas’ sale and I can save an additional 40% off.

Wait, this can’t be right. The banner must be wrong!

While this story is not exactly related to travel, it is a good lesson for anyone who runs banner ads or CPC ads or any date-sensitive ads. My immediate thought when I saw this ad, 4 days after Christmas Eve, was ‘what a screw up by Bloomingdales.’ However, the interactive marketer in me knows that (more than likely) Bloomingdales did not buy or flight that ad personally, there ad agency or network did. But my negative reaction and bad impression gets attributed to the company, not the faceless ad agency that is running the campaign.

We all know it is difficult to stay abreast of all advertising campaigns and executions, especially online, but if you ad is running a highly noticeable sale tied to a widely known holiday, you might want to double check the end date of the campaign.

Otherwise I (and most of your consumers) will get a bad impression of you.

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