Mistaken Identity

Let's target that guy, in yellow.

That guy, in yellow, send him our ad.

Revenue Science, one of the leading players in the business of targeted advertising, gathers information about consumers and then sells it to marketers. According to the company’s “file” on me, I’m a “hip homemaker” who probably trades stocks and buys expensive clothes and boats.

Actually, I’m 24, single and I live in a cramped New York City apartment where my television sits on top of my refrigerator. I sometimes dog-sit for extra spending money and have never bought or sold a single stock. As for luxury boats, the closest I’ve come to one most recently was during a run past a yacht club in St. Petersburg, Fla., three years ago when I was an intern at a newspaper there.  >>Full Story

Thoughts// Great piece from the WSJ on how Behavioral Targeting can sometimes get it wrong.  A lot of us are using targeting techniques to increase the return on our display advertising and of course the sales rep says that they are very accurate…why would the rep lie?…but maybe they are not as accurate as advertised.  Check with your own rep for details.  Either way, a nice reminder that not all of your impressions are going to the target demo / audience.  Plus, a good overview on the theory and techniques of BT.

Thanks to Traci for finding the article…

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