Spanish-Language Content Surprisingly Lacking on Internet

Tucson CVB puts Hispanics at the top.

Tucson CVB puts Hispanics at the top.

Participation is all the rage these days — or is it?

I suppose it depends on how you define it. If you talk to the Web 2.0 crowd or all the marketing execs waxing poetic about social media, you’d think everyone, from mainstream to emerging segments, has a big seat at the Long Tail table.

Then again, if you survey the landscape of brand websites, mini-sites and Facebook brand pages, you’ll be struck by the surprising absence or marginalization (intentional or not) of Spanish-language content.  >>Full Story

Thoughts// A nice reality check article for most marketers out there.  How are you incorporating Spanish-language content into your interactive / social marketing plans?  Not much or at all?  Not to worry, you are not alone.

While the article repeats a lot of the stats that we have talked about on the Travel 2.0 blog, it is worth hearing again.  1 in 5 U.S. residents will be Hispanic / Latino by 2020.  Yeah, 20%.  2020 is still a while from now, but how are you beginning to shift your marketing strategy and spend to talk to this audience?

For many of us, our Spanish focused initiatives are handled by a 3rd party, possibly in-market.  Which makes managing multi-language websites, not to mention social profiles, a challenge.  Perhaps we need to be looking for a multilingual copywriter or web content manager.  Someone who not only understands the web / blogging / copy-writing, but also the usage of these tools by the Hispanic / Latino population.

You hear that kids, take the Spanish courses in high school and college, they will be useful!  Unlike calculus…why did I take that?

Anyway, the story does highlight a few examples, but I would also like to include our friends at the Tucson CVB as well.  Obviously the MTCVB has a heavy focus on the Hispanic / Latino population and visitor, but notice that on their primary website ( one of the 5 main navigational items is specifically designated for the Hispanic visitor.

That is a great example of the core message of this story.  Rather than an after-thought, they have placed this group, this visitor front and center…literally.

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