Sweden Gets (Really) Social

Bork. Bork. Bork.

Social media is a wonderful tool for DMOs and tourism destinations.  Accessible, quick and easy (sometimes), it allows a destination to connect directly with the locals that make up the area and the potential / previous tourists who are considering a visit.

However, many DMOs are not exactly social with their social media.

Typically run by 1 or 2 people within the CVB, or an agency, the average DMO social feed is a collective of overly positive tweets and watered-down, politically correct conversation.

In fact, I would guess that every DMO has posted about 1) the weather, 2) an event or 3) your local sports team, in the last week.

Yeah, you did.

And this monotonous content is not really painting that unique picture of your destination.  A lot like saying you have great everything.

And that is where Visit Sweden has broken the mold.

In a new campaign, Curators of Sweden, the Swedish tourism board is selecting a new citizen to run the @sweden Twitter account each week.

Excuse my French (Swedish), but that is simply skitsnygg!



Every destination is, at the core of the DMO mission, attempting to show the unique characteristics of their destination in an attempt to entice visitors.  Along with food and topography, what could be more unique than the people who make up a country, state or city?

Add in a social aspect such as Twitter, you know to be social, and we finally have a destination social media channel that truly represents the destination.

Are there risks in allowing Joe Sweden to tweet on behalf of an entire country?


But you know what, the conversation from @sweden over the last week has felt so much more genuine, and frankly interesting, than any of the pre-approved DMO tweets over the past year.

Personally, I hope Visit Sweden makes the campaign permanent.

And that a few of our DMO peers make their social accounts a bit more social. 

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