Text Messaging Makes Magazine Ads Interactive

The push to make magazine pages more interactive is building mass and, dare we say it, even real momentum as major publishers and advertisers adopt a pair of technologies centered on the cellphone.

Hearst Magazines, the most recent example, is building on a nearly two-year experiment incorporating a text-messaging…its readers will soon see many opportunities, in editorial promotions and in ads, to make purchases, request samples or enter sweepstakes just by sending brief text messages. >>Full Story

Thoughts// An interesting article about how text messaging is being incorporated into print ads; readers of magazines such as Rolling Stone, Men’s Health and CosmoGirl can enjoy the immediacy and instant gratification by instantly signing up for sweeps, product samples or other offers. This is probably most meaningful for brands where the core target audience is most likely under 40 years old.

I’ve been impressed with how political campaigns have put this application to life in recent months; both Clinton and Obama deployed it to engage supporters by alerting them to key news events and endorsements.

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